Assortment of Flavors

From Classic Vanilla and rich-tasting Chocolate to originals like Coconut Almond Bar and Graham Central Station, there is something here for everyone’s sweet tooth.

We have over 30 flavors all-season long and rotate in fan-favorites and seasonal tastes throughout the season.


 Season-Long Offerings
(based on availability)

 Birthday Cake
A light yellow cake-flavored ice cream embedded with candy confetti & pieces of yellow cake swirled with sweet blue frosting

Black Raspberry
Classic black raspberry flavor

Brownie Batter
Brownie ice cream with a brownie swirl & brownie pieces

Butter Crunch
Butter ice cream with butter crunch candy

Butter Pecan
Butter ice cream with delicious pecan
(contains nuts)

Campfire S’mores
Toasted marshmallow-flavored ice cream with a graham cracker swirl & chocolate chunks

Cherry Vanilla
Blend of vanilla ice cream & maraschino cherries

Does it get more classic than chocolate?

Chocolate Chip
Vanilla ice cream with lots of real chocolate chunks

Coconut-flavored ice cream with shaved coconut
(contains nuts)

Coconut Almond Bar *FAN FAVORITE*
Coconut ice cream with almonds, shaved coconut, & a chocolate chewy chip swirl
(contains nuts)

Traditional favorite

Cookie Dough
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough pieces & chocolate chunks

Cookie Monster *KID FAVE!*
Blue-colored vanilla flavored ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip cookies & mini chocolate chips

Extreme Chocolate
Double Dutch chocolate ice cream with lots of chocolate fudge pieces & a thick fudge swirl

Graham Central Station *FAN FAVORITE*
Graham ice cream with a graham cracker swirl & milk chocolate covered honeycomb crunch

Maple Walnut
Real maple syrup ice cream loaded with walnuts
(contains nuts)

Mint Chocolate Chip
Mint ice cream with lots of chocolate chunks

Monster Mash 
Vanilla ice cream, Oreo cookie pieces, M&M’s, malted milk balls, & a delicious caramel swirl

Moose Tracks
Vanilla ice cream, miniature peanut butter cup truffles, and a thick rich fudge swirl
(contains peanut)

Orange Pineapple
Orange pineapple ice cream with orange & pineapple chunks

Rich Vanilla Ice Cream with Oreo pieces swirled throughout

Peanut Butter Cup
Peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter cups & a chocolate swirl
(contains peanut)

Pistachio ice cream packed with pistachio nuts
(contains nuts)

Rum Raisin “Fruit Cake”
Rum-flavored ice cream with peaches, cherries, raisins, & apricots

Salted Caramel Chocolate Covered Pretzel *FAN FAVORITE*
Caramel ice cream with lots of chocolate-covered pretzels & a salted caramel swirl

A family favorite packed with strawberries

Crafted with pure Madagascar two-fold vanilla


 Season-Long Offerings
(based on availability)

Blueberry Pomegranate
A sweet blueberry top note melts into the yummy flavor of pomegranate in this crisp invigorating sorbet

Crisp tropical flavored sorbet


 Season-Long Offerings
(based on availability)

Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip
Black raspberry yogurt with lots of chocolate chips

Kahlua Fudge
Non-fat frozen yogurt with Kahlua & Piccala (coffee liqueur flavor) & a rich fudge swirl


Made in-house! Check at the Dairy for this week’s flavors