Michael’s Dairy’s Story

Michael’s Dairy, which has been in operation for generations, is widely known for great ice cream, wonderful customer service and our quaint neighborhood location.

New London Junior College is founded in 1938 on land owned by the Mitchell family (later to become Mitchell College). The College Michael’s Dairy abuts the Mitchell Dairy farm (previously called Mumford Dairy).

The Buscetto family acquired the dairy and its property from the Mitchell family in 1943, renaming it from the Mitchell Dairy to Michael’s Dairy.

Originally a milk processing business, Michael’s Dairy began serving ice cream in the 1950’s when the Buscetto family discovered that one of America’s true loves is ice cream.

Michael’s Dairy was the last milk processing dairy in New London and processed milk up until the 1970’s.

Mitchell College acquired Michael’s Dairy in May 2006, devoting all proceeds to helping Mitchell College students in their pursuit of an education.

Historical detail from Don Benoit, former Mitchell College faculty